Our Story

Looking for newer greener pastures, we moved to Brisbane, Queensland, in 2005. Jake worked as a financial consultant and I worked in cancer care as a Radiation Therapist.

Putting our hard earned money to use, we started in the property game. We purchased our first home in Brisbane in 2010 and quickly purchased two inner city townhouses, within the following year. With no renovation experience behind either of us, we tackled our first property development. It was complete with a full scale renovation, subdivision and a brand new build. Most noteworthy though, is that it was during the sales process of this development that we were introduced to the value of property styling.

Our real estate agent convinced us to stage the renovated 3 bedroom Queenslander when we listed it for sale. His reasoning was the house sat on a block of land that was only 280 square metres and the property didn’t have any ‘wow’ features. The transformation that resulted was beautiful. The buyers fell in love with the lifestyle that the property exuded and happily ended up purchasing it at auction!

Obviously, the sale of this property was great, but Jake and I started questioning why no-one had mentioned staging our properties before? Why did we have agents advise us, that the best thing to do to our property before listing it for sale, was nothing?? Why weren’t home sellers being shown the true value of their homes BEFORE they listed them for sale? These frustrations were the reason that I initially became involved in home staging.  If we had sold this many properties, without the knowledge of the value home preparation and staging, then there were bound to be other home sellers in the same boat……….and we wanted to help them. So, Foxy Home Staging was born.

Since then, we have helped a number of sellers realise the full value of their homes before listing for sale. Some houses needed small repairs, some needed a sprucing up of the garden and others needed a simple declutter or furniture styling. Nevertheless, time and time again, we saw the value added to these properties, with them selling quickly and for the asking price or higher.

Foxy Home Staging is about bringing together collective talents of trades, business development, marketing and also property staging, to help our clients prepare their home for sale. Whether our clients use our professional help or just listen to our free advice, at the end of the day, if we can help one person sell their property quickly and for a higher price, then our job is done!




“I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome home styling. Our house sold for $145 000 over reserve at auction. I truly think Foxy Home Staging made the difference!”